Technical Support

Sıfırgibi Makine provides uninterrupted service throughout Turkey with its extensive service network, high-tech equipment within its own company, and expert technical service team.
We provide all necessary maintenance on the 2nd hand machines before offering them to customers.

After Sales

Periodic Maintenance
Our annual periodic maintenance carried out by experienced service technicians guarantees the smooth operation of your machines.

Benefits of Sıfırgibi Makine maintenance include:

  • High maintenance quality provided by our service experts
  • Timely detection of potential issues
  • Reduction of unplanned machine downtime
  • Cost savings with special prices under maintenance contract

Regularly scheduled, recurring maintenance on a set schedule can prevent many problems from occurring on your CNC machine and protect you from unforeseen and unaccounted for costs.


  • Periodic maintenance on CNC machines can prevent potential breakdowns and reduce costs by identifying and fixing any issues before they occur, ensuring your production is not affected and preventing additional repair costs.
  • Only using original, manufacturer-approved parts during maintenance ensures the service is under warranty and guarantees the quality of the repair.
  • Regular maintenance ensures that the efficiency and performance of your machine is always at its optimal level, reducing unexpected repair costs and increasing overall productivity.
  • High-tech measuring and control devices used during maintenance keep your machine running at its factory settings and quickly identify and solve any issues.
  • Properly recorded and regularly scheduled maintenance increases the value of your machine, resulting in a higher resell value in the future. This ultimately results in profit instead of loss.