How Does it Work?

How to Purchase a Machine through Auctions?, an online platform that allows you to purchase used machines through the "Auctions" method, helps you easily reach the machine that is suitable for your business and purpose at the desired price. To purchase a machine from through the "Auctions" method, first you need to register on our website by taking just a few steps.

How to Purchase a Machine through "Buy Now"?
You can purchase machines offered through the "Buy Now" method within the auction period set by the system. To do this, you need to click the "Buy Now" button on the machine that you want on the sales page, then fill out the form that will open and our sales team will contact you for the necessary procedures.

Of course, like the Auctions method, you need to be a member of to purchase a machine through the "Buy Now" method.

What is an Expertise Report?
When you check and find suitable machinery in an auction, you will come across an expertise report on the machinery page. The expertise report is created by the professional service team of The team examines all details of the machine, from spindle bearings to the condition of screw mills, during the expertise process. In the prepared expertise report, you can view all details about the damage or malfunction of the machine.

How to Make a Bid in's Open Auction?
In order to make a bid for a machine, you first need to activate the participation fee that has been set for the machine. You can deposit this fee into sifirgibimakine's official bank accounts, along with your company information and deposit fee explanation. The participation fee will be refunded to your account in case you don't purchase the machine or if your bid is cancelled. After the participation fee is paid, you can make bids of $200, $500, or $1,000 USD/EUR on the machine of your choice. Additionally, if you have a specific price in mind for the machine, you can make a "Automatic Bid" option to make a bid with one click.

What is Automatic Bid?
If you have a budget of $20,000 USD for a machine you like, you can make an automatic bid and let the system make new bids of $200 USD/EUR according to new bids. This way, you won't have to make a new bid after each bid.

Things to Know About Automatic Bid
The automatic bid amount does not determine the final selling price of the machine. The final bid may be lower than the automatic bid amount you have set, and you may win the auction at a lower price than your automatic bid amount.

What is the Minimum Price?
Users who put their machines up for sale on may not want to sell their machines without the bid reaching a certain amount. Therefore, offers sellers the option to set a minimum price for their machines.

During the auction, if the bids on a machine do not reach the minimum price set by the seller, the machine will not be sold and the seller will be notified. If the machine is sold at a price lower than the minimum price, the final bidder will only win the auction if the seller approves it.

How do I Purchase a Machine I Won in an Auction?
After winning an auction, sifirgibimakine will issue an invoice for the cost of the machine. As sifirgibimakine, we can also provide support for logistics (shipping, crane, etc.) through our partner companies. The cost of loading, shipping and unloading the machine is the responsibility of the buyer.

Can I Retract a Bid I Made in an Auction?
For the fair operation of auctions and in accordance with legal regulations and the user agreement, bids made in auctions cannot be retracted. A won auction is binding for the winner.

Why is a Participation Fee Charged?
A participation fee is a blocked deposit made to sıfırgibimakine account before the purchasing process and serves as a guarantee to prevent manipulation, as previously stated. The refund process differs depending on whether or not you win the auction.

How is the Participation Fee Refunded?
If you win the auction, the refund process for the blocked participation fee will begin once the invoice for your machine is processed. The refund period may vary depending on the processes of your bank account. If you do not make the payment even though you have won the auction, the participation fee will not be refunded to your account.

If you do not win the auction, the participation fee will be refunded to the account where the payment was made within 5 days.