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Our Service

As Sıfırgibi Makine, we have set ourselves the goal of maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level by developing easy, safe and fast solutions with a management approach that develops services that exceed expectations. In this direction, we adopt the use of original spare parts and provide services with our expert service engineers to ensure customer satisfaction without any room for chance. In this context, Sıfırgibi Makine;

  • Offers definite solutions that fully meet the expectations of our customers
  • Completes all requested services on time, flawlessly and qualitatively with top-level techniques
  • Creates a quality awareness in all our employees
  • Is proactive in preventing any inadequacies that may arise
  • Uses original equipment and spare parts
  • Always obtains approval from the customer if any additional parts or services are needed beyond the initial offer
  • Offers a guarantee and stands behind the work we do
  • Supports innovative and creative approaches and increases the technical and behavioral skills of our employees
  • Fulfills our social responsibilities
  • Commits to identifying and continuously improving our areas of development, and works with all our strength to be a exemplary organization.

How does the service process work?

Our service process starts with creating an online appointment through our website, which allows us to provide faster and more quality services. Our service process is as follows:

  • The customer sends an appointment request to us online
  • Once we receive the request, our service engineers will contact the customer
  • A service plan is made in the shortest possible time
  • Stock control is done to prevent potential breakdown situations
  • The customer is visited on-site
  • During the visit, the necessary expertise and procedures for the machine are listed by us and pricing is done and sent to the customer
  • Once the quote is approved, the procedures begin
  • If additional parts or procedures are needed outside the quote, we will get approval from the customer again
  • After the work is completed, a detailed service report is written and explained to the customer
  • Lastly, the invoice for the service is issued.

Periodic Maintenance

Annual periodic maintenance carried out by our experienced service technicians guarantees the smooth operation of your machines.
Benefits of Sifirgibi maintenance:

  • High maintenance quality provided by our service experts
  • Early detection of potential problems
  • Reduction in unplanned machine downtime
  • Cost savings with special prices under maintenance agreement