After Sale

My machine was sold through When will I receive the sale amount?
After your machine is sold through sifirgibimakine, the sale amount is paid to The payment will be made to the IBAN number you specified during the sale process within 2 days after the payment is made to sifirgibimakine. However, due to the operation of banks, the payment process may take up to 5 business days. As does not have control over the process, you should contact your bank for any delays.

Is a deduction made from the sale amount when it is paid to the seller?
A machine price agreement is reached and signed between the seller company and sifirgibimakine before the auction. sifirgibimakine places the machine on auction with a minimum price that includes its own profit. Therefore, sifirgibimakine does not request any commission fee from the buyer or seller.

How are the logistics services for the machine handled?
All responsibilities and fees for loading, shipping, unloading, etc. for machine sales are the responsibility of the buyer's company.