Fair pricing

Expertise opportunities for every budget

Branch convenience

Find the nearest expertise point for you

Detailed report

Receive a detailed expertise report at the end of the process

Reliable service

Conduct an expertise in a safe and problem-free manner

What is expertise?

Expertise is the detailed examination (if necessary using test equipment) of the machines to be examined or examined by the expert service personnel, and presenting the existing or potential faults to the buyer or the company requesting it.

How is expertise done

Upon customer request, the machine to be examined is directly requested from the machine expertise department by the buyer or customer. SıfırGibi service personnel review the request and send an offer to the requesting company. After the approval of the offer, the expert service personnel prepares an expertise report at the location of the machine, together with the necessary equipment, and presents it to the customer.

What is the Binding nature of Expertise?

The Expertise report is completely presented with the opinion of the SıfırGibi Makine Expert Service Team. It does not provide binding for any institution or individuals. As such, the requesting company or individuals cannot claim any rights from ZeroGibi Machine regarding the expertise report