Manual Liquid Filling Machine

Ümraniye, İstanbul - Türkiye

Manual Liquid Filling Machine



Ahmet Batuhan Yastı

Ümraniye, İstanbul - Türkiye


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Manual Liquid Filling Machine

Manual Filling Machine Technical Specifications

  • The control system has a pneumatic system.
  • It is easier and quicker to use than other products.
  • Precision scale or standard scale settings are available.
  • Our machines are guaranteed and made of first class quality.
  • The type of sheet used is stainless chrome.
  • The filling system has a ground draft system and hose systems suitable for filling are used.
  • Filling volumes vary from 10ml, 100ml and 1000ml.
  • Filling capacity is around 600-700 per day (varies depending on the operation and product)
  • Filling accuracy ± 0.1g%

The system we determine and use varies in general. The machine images in the product are partly representative and will be supplied new or second hand as a result of a joint decision by the two companies in line with the customer's demand.

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