Full System or Semi System Labeling Machine

Ümraniye, İstanbul - Türkiye

Full System or Semi System Labeling Machine



Ahmet Batuhan Yastı

Ümraniye, İstanbul - Türkiye


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Packaging and packaging



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Full System or Semi System Labeling Machine

Technical Specifications We Use in the Machinery and Facility (Varies According to Demand)

• Advanced, easy-to-use Beckhoff PLC control system.
• 15 inch touch screen control panel.
• Single cable OCT servo motors.
• It notifies the screen when the input is full, the output is full and an error occurs in all machine sensors.
• Display of servo motor temperatures and powers.
• OP System Overcurrent protection due to incorrect configuration.
• CFR 21 PART 11 requirements (optional).
• Chain of custody, data integrity (optional).
• Thanks to analog cards, all controls are on the screen.
• Aluminum structure.
• XYZ axis (three-way) adjustable label module.
• Offset adjustable operating screen, adjustable photo eye.
• Selecting a suitable photo eye for packaging.
• Choosing the right photo eye for the label.
• Adjusting the label protrusion by moving the label.
• Winding system suitable for high speeds.
• Minimum offset of the label (±1 mm).
• Automatic label size detection and automatic error correction.
• Sensors (photocell) used in the device are SICK, KYENCE.
• Pneumatic materials used in the machine are SMC, FESTO.
• All reducers used in the machine are Bonfiglioli.
• It is easy to change in a short time.
• It is easy to maintain and maintain.

The system we determine and use varies in general. The machine images in the product are partly representative and will be supplied new or second hand as a result of a joint decision by the two companies in line with the customer's demand.

* Since this ad is translated automatically, some translation errors may have occurred.

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