10-100 ML Cream Filling Machine

Üsküdar, İstanbul - Türkiye

43.700 ₺

10-100 ML Cream Filling Machine


43.700 ₺


Musab Sakin

Üsküdar, İstanbul - Türkiye


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CYD-Y 100

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Packaging and packaging



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  1. It can fill all low, medium and high viscosity products from 10ml to 100ml.
  2. Compared to the old methods, it provides a more professional liquid filling environment.
  3. It has a flanged ferrule system. In this way, the parts of the machine can be disassembled and reassembled quickly. As a result, cleaning and maintenance operations can be completed quickly.
  4. Parts such as gasket, o-ring, felt are made of anti-bacterial material. In this way, you create a working environment that is compatible with GMP conditions, which are hygiene conditions.
  5. CYD-Y100 semi-automatic dense liquid filling machine has a precision dosing arm with 0.5 line intervals. Thanks to its sensitive dosing arm, it works with minimum deviation during liquid filling processes. As long as there is no change in the dosing settings, it always continues to work at the same rate.
  6. Thanks to the emergency button it has, the machine can be stopped immediately in case of emergencies. With this feature, the machine allows you to work in accordance with the 6331 number of occupational safety law.
  7. Depending on your production style and quantity, it can be operated in automatic and manual mode. In order for it to work in manual mode, a pedal switch is sent free of charge with the machine.
  8. CYD-Y100 semi-automatic dense liquid filling machine has an anti-bacterial stock bunker system with increased strength and easy to clean. Thanks to the stock hopper, the machine can be cleaned in a short time after the liquid filling processes are completed.
  9. It has an anti-drip nozzle system. Thanks to the nozzle system in question, no liquid drips after the completion of the filling process. Thus, it prevents both weight loss and contamination of the filled bottles.
  10. It has a honed product suction piston, which is not found in similar products. In this way, it makes high-precision dosing even in high-volume liquid filling processes.
  11. Thanks to its internal conditioner, it protects the machine against factors such as water and rust, which may occur in the air installation and may adversely affect the pneumatic system of the machine.
  12. CYD-Y100 semi-automatic dense liquid filling machine; It can be used for filling liquids with a heavy volume such as honey, molasses, pomegranate syrup, jam, shampoo, tahini, cream, hair lotion, tomato paste, acuka, garlic sauces, yoghurt, dense paints, car polish, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard sauce.

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