Blohm & Voss steam turbine including the 5 MW compact generator system

Baden-Württemberg, Weissbach - Germany

30.000 €

Blohm & Voss steam turbine including the 5 MW compact generator system


30.000 €


Igor Kulinski

Baden-Württemberg, Weissbach - Germany


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Ger 32/35

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Manufacturer: Blohm & Voss AG in Germany
Model: GER 32/35
Year of construction: 1990
Line consists of: steam turbine and 5 MW compact generator system
Technical data:
Power: 5070 kW
Speed: 11935/1500 1/min.
Quick closing speed: 13200/1660 1/min.
Live steam pressure: 81 bar
Live steam temperature: 500°C
Extraction pressure: 17 bar
Evaporation pressure: 5 bar
Condition: Working. The turbine has been out of service for about 10 years, but has worked until then. The reason the turbine is no longer operating is because the boiler pressure has been reduced to 35 bar. The amount of steam also decreased. Many machines today are heated electrically. Since the turbine is guided by the extraction and the counter pressure, i.e. it generates 4 and 16 bar exhaust steam, it is no longer used. A small revision took place in 2013. The reports and documents are available.
Available immediately
Reference number: PRO4085

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