Borche Machinery BT 780 VI plastic injection molding machine

Prjsc “Obolon” “Krasylivske”, Prjsc “Obolon” “Krasylivske” - Ukraine

155.000 €

Borche Machinery BT 780 VI plastic injection molding machine


155.000 €


Igor Kulinski

Prjsc “Obolon” “Krasylivske”, Prjsc “Obolon” “Krasylivske” - Ukraine


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BT 780 V-I

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Glass, plastic and chemistry



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Not specified

Technical description of plastic injection molding machine

Machine model: BT 780 VI (screw Ø 100)
Manufacturer: Guangzhou Borch Machinery Co., LTD (China)

Injection and closing during running time take place alternately. All operations are carried out by a hydraulic system under computer control.

Parameters of the machine

Technical data
Plastic injection molding machine: BT 780 VI
Screw diameter: 90/100/105 mm
Max. injection pressure: 180/146/132 MPa
Theoretical injection volume: 3181/3927/4329 cm^3
Weight of shot (injection): 2987/3687/4065 grams
Length/diameter ratio: 24:1/22:1/20:1
Box shape thickness: 380-975 mm
Opening stroke: 1025 mm
Closing force: 780 tons
Number of heating zones: 7
Distance between columns (H x W): 970х970 mm
Size of printing plates (H x W): 1430х1430 mm
Injection stroke: 300 mm
Heating power: 40.6 kW
Hydraulic motor: 37+37 kW
Hydraulic pressure: 17.5MPa
Oil container volume: 1700 liters
Machine weight: 45 tons
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 10.5 x 2.43 x 2.5 (mxmxm)

Crate box shape

Dimensions of the molds in the kit (TPA VT 780 V-4): 800 x 700 x 715 mm (height)
Weight: 3,500 kg

Product dimensions (box for 20 NRW bottles 0.5l): 300 x 400 x 285 mm (height)
Weight: 2.14kg

Reference number: PRO3748

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