3D printer ZPrinter project 660

Sachsen-Anhalt, Weferlingen - Germany

19.860 €

3D printer ZPrinter project 660


19.860 €


Igor Kulinski

Sachsen-Anhalt, Weferlingen - Germany


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660 Pro

Sub Category:

Glass, plastic and chemistry



Working hours:

Not specified

ProJet x60 Series Z Printer - 3D printer

Built in 2015, little used, almost new, some packages of plaster included, price approx. 40,000 euros

low material costs
full color
easy to handle
high productivity

Large polymer plaster 3D full color printer
Multicolored up to 390,000 colors
Very suitable for figure printing
Ideal for use in construction, AEC, GIS and entertainment

Installation space size

With the Projet 660 Pro, the manufacturer 3D Systems has achieved an ingenious feat:

Five print heads can produce up to 390,000 colors – similar to an inkjet printer. The entire printing process is automated and extremely easy to learn. The Projet 660 Pro is a full-color 3D printer with the highest resolution and its build space is very large at 20,000 square cm. With a footprint of 381 mm x 254 mm, which can also be used in heights of up to 203 mm, many small models or full-color figures can be printed in a single printing process.


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