Belt Conveyors Millennium Conveyor Conveyor Conveyor

Bulancak, Giresun - Türkiye

240.000 ₺

Belt Conveyors Millennium Conveyor Conveyor Conveyor


240.000 ₺

Muhammed Usta

Bulancak, Giresun - Türkiye


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Load carriers



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BELT TRANSFER CONVEY ROUTE LBELT conveyor series The Milenyum Milbelt belt transfer conveyor series is designed to carry your products safely. Thanks to its unique design, it provides trouble-free, virtually maintenance-free operation. Regardless of the size and shape of the material to be transported, Milbelt provides reliable transport performance thanks to its strong conveyor belts. It is designed to move products during sorting, packaging, inspection, assembly tasks on your production line. It provides high efficiency in handling products in packaging and parcel warehouses, airports and baggage handling, paper mill chips, storage and distribution, waste and recycling, production and manufacturing, stock, goods shipping and process line manufacturing. The products on the moving conveyor belt are transported by the powerful motor. MILBELT PVC-2002 Options PVC Conveyor Belt High Carrying Power Rough Belt (For Products Not Slipping) Corrugated Belt (For Keeping Products On The Belt) Channel Frame Heavy Duty Models Bolted Or Welded Connection Type Desired Pallet Height Side Band Bends (With Band Bar) Slope Options Series Working Low Cost Space Saving Product Dimensions: 50x30x50 cm

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