Various machines: presses, metal circular saws, electric pallet trucks

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Steinhagen - Germany

32.650 €

Various machines: presses, metal circular saws, electric pallet trucks


32.650 €


Igor Kulinski

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Steinhagen - Germany


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Offer consists of: 1x disc grinding machine, 1x press brake, 1x plate shear, 4x presses, 1x vulcanizing press with three punches, 1x punch, 1x metal circular saw, 1x hydraulic punch, 1x roller conveyor, 1x band saw, 1x impact shear and 1x electric pallet truck.
Press brake
Manufacturer: SafanDarley BV in the Netherlands
Model: CNCS 50 - 2050
Year of construction: 1992
Technical data:
Voltage: 380V/24V
Frequency: 50Hz
Motor power: 4 kW
Rated current: 8.85A
Vulcanizing press
Manufacturer: Hydac Technology GmbH in Germany
Model: 3-fold press SAF10E12Y1T330A
Year of construction: 2016
Technical data:
Stamp: 3
Color gray
Nominal pressure: 400 bar
Nominal width: 10 mm
Dimensions: 2200mm x 1100mm x 2200mm
Weight: 1281kg
Metal circular saw
Manufacturer: Berg & Schmidt GmbH in Germany
Model: VKS 315 HA 2 ST
Year of construction: 2014
Technical data:
Current type: 3
Operating voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50Hz
Condition: Ready for use. The machines have been idle since December 2021. Some machines are already packed in wooden boxes. Bellows, box bellows, compensators and slideway protectors were manufactured at the location.
Available immediately
Location: Germany (state: North Rhine-Westphalia)
Reference number: PRO4179

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