CNC CONVEYOR-Dip Scraping Tracked Chip Conveyor Millennium Convey

Bulancak, Giresun - Türkiye

240.000 ₺

CNC CONVEYOR-Dip Scraping Tracked Chip Conveyor Millennium Convey


240.000 ₺

Muhammed Usta

Bulancak, Giresun - Türkiye


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CHIP CONVEYOR-MILLIUM CONVEYOR-STEEL TRACKED CHIP CONVEYOR-CNC CHIP CONVEYOR-CNC CONVEYOR-ROUGH CHIP CONVEYOR D SHIPMENT YOUR PALLET CHIP CONVEY R U MI LSCRAP conveyor series, the most challenging conveyor series of millennium Milstascrap handling is designed for. Thanks to its unique chip handling system, it provides trouble-free, virtually maintenance-free operation. Milscrap provides reliable handling performance thanks to its powerful bottom scraping pallets, even if the material to be transported is dirty and abrasive. It is designed for the transport of small, dust, chip chips and small parts that occur during the processing of ferrous materials. It provides high efficiency in the transportation of sub-laser small parts, plasma sub-small parts, sub-press small parts, cnc machining center parts, and casting swarf products. Broken chips carried on the moving bottom scraping pallet are evacuated by the powerful engine hidden under the protection sheet. Why Milscrap Series? Millennium Milscrap chip conveyors, thanks to its innovative design, eliminate the problem of motor stripping and pallet jamming caused by small-sized chips in other types of steel pallet conveyors. Since there are intermittent spaces between the scraping pallets used in the Milscrap series, the sawdust and materials to be transported do not enter between the bottom scraping pallets. Therefore, when transporting sharp, abrasive chips and casting chips, jamming, tearing or breaking does not occur in the transport component. In the Milscrap series, maintenance is minimal and the parts that need protection, as well as the electric motor, are completely enclosed. Milscrap series, which is very useful for transporting broken chips and small parts from CNC machines that process all kinds of materials, CNC automaton, Casting material processing machines, Broach and Press, Laser, Plasma machines, are available in various sizes, pitches and configurations according to the customer's request. MILSCRAP HP-3005 Options High Bearing Power Boron Oil Operation Convenient Design Serial Operation Low Cost Space Saving Product Dimensions: 50x30x50 cm Ideal Solution for Cnc Machining Centers with Cast Iron Drum Filter (filtering up to 25 microns) Socket Sieve (filtering up to 50 microns) Adjustable ' 'v'' Sheets Integrated coolant tank CHIP CONVEYOR-MILLIUM CONVEYOR-STEEL TRACKED CHIP CONVEYOR-CNC CHIP CONVEYOR-CNC CONVEYOR-ROUGH CHIP CONVEYOR
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