Bourg VAC - 100 collating and booklet machine

Schweiz, Zürich - Switzerland

30.000 €

Bourg VAC - 100 collating and booklet machine


30.000 €


Igor Kulinski

Schweiz, Zürich - Switzerland


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VAC - 100

Sub Category:

Printing and advertising



Working hours:

Not specified

Manufacturer: CP Bourg SA/NV in Belgium
Model: VAC - 100
Technical data:
Towers: Two 10 compartments each
The machine includes:
A box with various spare parts
Replacement stitching heads and two stitching heads for the ring eyelets
Condition: The machine works but has some minor defects. The machine is currently still being used in production. There are no known defects in the 2 towers and the front cutter. Worn rubber roller was wrapped with duct tape. The machine works like this. The rubbers on the operating side prevent adjustment during production. The main switch and two control switches are defective. The burper is defective and has been removed. But the machine can be operated like this.
Availability: Immediately (as soon as possible)
Location: Switzerland
Reference number: PRO4089

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