AFS AVE – 150 C – KER 7/1150 solvent-free laminating system

- Germany

25.000 €

AFS AVE – 150 C – KER 7/1150 solvent-free laminating system


25.000 €


Igor Kulinski

- Germany


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AVE – 150 C – KER 7/1150

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Manufacturer: AFS Development + Vertriebs GmbH in Germany
Model: AVE – 150 C – KER 7/1150
Year of construction: 1997
Technical data:
Width of material: 1150 mm
Slat width: Min. 317mm/max. 1100mm
Winder: 1 piece
Unwinder: 2 pieces, mechanical with the magnetic brake
Diameter of unwind spools: Max. 1000 mm
Diameter of take-up spools: Max. 1000 mm
Maximum roll weight: 800 kg
Expansion shafts: diam. 2x 76mm/3x 152mm
Laminating units: 1
Mechanical speed: 300 m/min.
Voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50Hz
Current: 6A
Safety regulations: European standard
Drying: None (the machine is solvent-free)
Corona treaters: 2 stations, no information available
Floor plan dimensions: L 5695 mm x W 2190 mm x H 3052 mm
Condition: In good working condition but cannot be seen in production. The laminating system could be shown if desired. The adhesive-hardener mixture would simply have to be removed from the new laminating system.
The mixer needs to be overhauled, subject to pre-sale. The machine specifications are according to the manufacturer and the previous owner's information.
Reference number: PRO3945

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