AXXAIR SAXX-200/ SASL-160T orbital welding systems and pliers, among others

Schweiz, Bern - Switzerland

30.000 €

AXXAIR SAXX-200/ SASL-160T orbital welding systems and pliers, among others


30.000 €


Igor Kulinski

Schweiz, Bern - Switzerland


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SAXX-200/ SASL-160T

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Manufacturer of the machines: AXXAIR in France
Machine models: SAXX-200/SASL-160T
Years of construction of the machines: 2017/2015
Number of operating hours of the machines: Few operating hours
Line consists of: power sources (2x SAXX-200, 2x SASL-160T), welding guns (2x SATF-40, 3x SATF-65, 1x SATF-115, 1x SXMF-17), jaw sets SMN 40 (3x ISO 6-25, 1x ¼-1½ inch, 1x DIN 6-32), jaw sets SMN 65 (3x ISO 6-50, 1x ¼-2½ inch), jaw sets SMN 115 (1x ISO 65-100, 1x 2.5.4 inch, 1x 70,85,104 mm), jaw sets SMX 17 (1x 6,8,10,12,13.5mm), accessories (1x butcher package extension, 3x coupling “Axxair AMI”)
Technical data of machines:
Current/Voltage: Max. 5A/10.2V - 200A/18V / Min. 5A/10.2V - 140A/15.6V
Condition: In good condition.
Location: Switzerland near Bern
Reference number: PRO3947

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