4x lathes

Niedersachsen, Celle - Germany

80.000 €

4x lathes


80.000 €


Igor Kulinski

Niedersachsen, Celle - Germany


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Offer consists of: 4x lathes
The 1st lathe
Manufacturer: Weiler Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Germany
Model: E 110 / 2
Year of construction: 1997
Technical data:
Center distance: 2000 mm
Swing diameter over the bed: 1100 mm
Duty cycle: 5300 h

The 2nd lathe
Manufacturer: Weiler Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Germany
Model: E 35
Year of construction: 1998
Technical data:
Center width: 950 mm
Swing diameter over bed: 410 mm

The 3rd lathe
Manufacturer: Meuser & Co. Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH in Germany
Model: MOL
Year of construction: 1963
Technical data:
Tip height: 205 mm
Turning length: 1000 mm
The 4th lathe
Manufacturer: TA SHING MACHINE WORKS LTD. In China
Model: Crown 2
Year of construction: 1981
Technical data:
Tip height: 215 mm
Turning length: 1000 mm
Condition: The machines have stood for a long time, but work perfectly. The lathes “E 110/2” and “E 35” were serviced by WEILER customer service this year. The report is available.
Available immediately. A viewing is possible at any time.
Location: Germany (state: Lower Saxony)
Reference number: PRO4156

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