2meter Original VDF Cnc Lathe - With Intermediate Bed - Very Good Condition

Tuzla - Türkiye

39.000 $

2meter Original VDF Cnc Lathe - With Intermediate Bed - Very Good Condition


39.000 $

Erdem Uzun

Tuzla - Türkiye


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NOTE: The price has decreased since a 5 meter CNC lathe will be purchased. When the down payment is received, the price will be increased to the current market price. There is no bargaining.


2 Meter Length - Processes 550 or 650 diameter. 80 Kw special Simens Drive and Spindle Motor are available. Other drivers are Siemens - rulers are Heidenhain. Intermediate bearing mounts diameter 20 -120. - At takeoff, it draws 15 - 20 amps at 10 amp load. - The 11th turret station is cracked. All maintenance has been done. It has booklets, spares and a Turkish training manual, the cycles are working. It is a machine with everything working and sensitive. It weighs 14-15 tons. The bottom is concrete and there is no problem with mitres. It has remained very solid due to the dovetail bearing. It has a VDI 50 holder. Some sets will be given along with it.

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