1000-5000 ML Pneumatic Milk Filling Machine

Üsküdar, İstanbul - Türkiye

59.500 ₺

1000-5000 ML Pneumatic Milk Filling Machine


59.500 ₺


Musab Sakin

Üsküdar, İstanbul - Türkiye


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CYD-S 5000

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  1. It can fill all low and medium viscosity products between 1000 ml - 5000 ml.
  2. Compared to traditional methods, it is a more hygienic, faster and more sensitive machine. Therefore, the fillings made with this machine are much more professional and suitable for industrial production.
  3. The flanged ferrule system of the CYD-S5000 single nozzle liquid filling machine at the connection points allows the machine to be easily disassembled and cleaned quickly.
  4. The production of materials such as all gaskets and felts at the points that come into contact with the product during liquid filling are made of anti-bacterial silicone material. Thus, you establish a system that meets the hygiene requirements (GMP requirements).
  5. Thanks to its precision dosing arm with 0.5 mm pitch, it allows to work with a single machine with minimum deviation rate in many filling intervals. As long as the dosing setting is not changed, it continues to work at the same rate.
  6. The emergency button of the CYD-S5000 single nozzle liquid filling machine allows to bring the machine to a safe position in case of emergency, regardless of the position of the machine. In this way, you will have a production method in accordance with the occupational safety law numbered 6331. It does not require extra costs to bring it into compliance with the law in question.
  7. It can be connected to the tank or tank discharges with clamps, and it can suck from sources such as drums, buckets or buckets by immersion method. It does not require extra effort to bring the product to the mouth of the machine. This helps you save time.
  8. You can operate the CYD-S5000 single nozzle liquid filling machine in two different ways, depending on your production speed and shape. If you wish, you can operate the machine in automatic mode with a timer, or you can operate it in manual mode with the pedal provided free of charge with the machine.
  9. The nozzle system has an anti-drip system. In this way, you will not have any dripping problems after the filling is completed. As a result, your bottles you fill are not contaminated, and you will not experience weight loss due to drips.
  10. Unlike other similar products, it has a honed product suction piston. This piston serves to dosing with high precision even in heavy weights and to minimize filling wastage. On the other hand, since the piston surface is smooth, piston seals have a longer life compared to their counterparts.
  11. The internal conditioner in the machine system provides protection against factors such as water and rust that may occur in the air installation and damage the pneumatic system of the machine. Thanks to the slide valve at the air inlet of the machine, you can cut off the air from the system when you are finished with the machine, without the need for a different valve.
  12. Having an electro-pneumatic system provides an advantage in preventing weight losses by making precise dosing.
  13. The grounding in the chassis of the machine protects the machine against electrical hazards that may occur in the body of the machine.
  14. Many liquids can be filled with the CYD-S5000 single nozzle liquid filling machine. Among the liquid types in question; There are many liquids such as fruit juice, water, turnip, low viscosity shampoo, liquid soap, milk, oil, mineral oil, syrup.

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