Bagmatic 8s4c2f screen printing machine and Electric tunnel dry

Blagoevgrad, Blagoevgrad - Bulgaria

25.000 €

Bagmatic 8s4c2f screen printing machine and Electric tunnel dry


25.000 €

Elitsa Koleva

Blagoevgrad, Blagoevgrad - Bulgaria


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Bagmatic 8s4c2f

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Printing and advertising



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Bagmatic 8s4c2f screen printing machine Printing plates - 8 units with electric drive Size of the printed boards - length 400mm/width 450mm Print head colors-4 pcs. with electric drive Squeegee 4 pcs.320mm with pneumatic grip Maximum print size - 300mm x 300mm Maximum printing speed - up to 900 cycles per hour Intermediate dryers - 2 pcs. Power supply- 400V, 3 PH, 5KW, 32A CEE- plug Diameter of the machine -2740 mm Base diameter - 900 mm Height -1240


Electric tunnel dryer DEL-72-228A
Total length -8200mm
Length of the fixing zone-2 x 2900mm
Entrance length - 900 mm
Output length - 300 mm
Conveyor belt - 4 x 4 mm fiberglass mesh with Teflon coating
Direction of movement - left right
Working width of the strip - 1820 mm
Temperature control - electronic thermostat with PID CONTROL
Production capacity (details 400 x 500 mm) - about 1500 per hour

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